Trader Workstation Trading Software für Aktien und Optionen

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers LLC is a U.S.-based brokerage firm. It is often best known for its trader workstation, API's, and low margins. It operates the largest electronic trading platform in the U.S. by number of daily average revenue trades. The company brokers stocks, options, futures, EFPs, futures options, forex, bonds, and funds.

Chance me for Harvard/Wharton

Grades:GPA 4.0(expected since I am taking A levels and exams scores are predicted)
  1. Business
SAT:1570 Not giving SAT 2 due to corona-virus
Attended Military School
Brief EC list
1.Ted x Chapter Curator and Speaker(Founder Chapter)-Invited and Attended Tedx Conferences Internationally representing my country
2.Founded two very successful cryptocurrency companies(Not mentioning name to protect privacy)
  1. Trading in Financial markets(more than 40k dollar account value)
-mainly trade Forex on margin through interactive brokers
-Trade on Trader workstation software by Interactive brokers (also used by hedge funds)
-Also trade stocks(Highest gain was investing in Carnival Corp when it was brink of bankruptcy and Saudi Fund invested)
Average Returns of 14 percent on Stocks
-Chess National Champion U18-Natioanlly ranked 23 overall as of 2020
-Captain Basketball Team(Regional Champions Junior Level)
-Chess Club-Collaborated with national chess federation to organize events in regional events at School
-National Astronomy magazine writer
3 national level awards for Astronomy
Represented Country Internationally at Spacecraft design Competition
Won multiple Investing Competitions
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Seeking advice on platforms (or not) for integrated Algo development.

Starting at ground-zero as an Algo Trading developer, I am hoping for some advice on platforms for operationalizing strategies—i.e. would like to ultimately only build things 2 to 3 times before actually getting a clue of what I should have done to begin with. ; )
I have 20+ years of professional software development experience, mainly writing backend services in Perl, Java, Python, JavaScript or Go. Finance was my Major as an Undergrad. Instruments of interest are Options, Futures and maybe Forex.
First question; should I even seriously choose an integrated environment, or—like everything else I do for a paycheck—build something from 'scratch' because of bad fills or high commissions? Normally, for a question like this, in some order, I'll do exhaustive feature comparisons, correspond/talk with vendors, kick some tires and talk to peers to make sure nothing has been missed, however, nobody I know has ever done anything like what people here are doing or trying to do, so...
Has anyone had experience with Quantower? Quantower looks impressive and allows for writing strategies in C#.
Noted also that cTrader Automate (formerly known as cAlgo), MultiCharts .NET and NinjaTrader (via NinjaScript) also have integrated C# or C#-ish software language strategy development and IB allows C# as well as other languages via the Trader Workstation API.
C# seems like a good choice (nowish) for the sake of portability as it looks like more platforms run on Windows than Mac or Linux and most support integrated strategy development using the C or C++ or C# languages, or scripts based thereon.
People mention a lot of interest in using R and Python, two languages I like, though their support for integrated strategy development seems to be only slowly catching up to the other languages. Is this accurate?
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$1200 USD Trading Machine

Mainly needing help with the main build, accessories are taken care of. Want a fast PC that can handle trading 24/7.
[1200USD]My budget
Date I will buy:ASAP
[]before [X]after tax - rate: 6.25
[]OK with rebates - I know I will pay more upfront
Not US/CAN/EU/AUS? Provide websites to shop:
[X]Microcente[]Frys store access
List programs and indicate distribution with percentages: xx%
[]Gameplay streaming to Twitch, YouTube
[]Photo/Video editing:
[]Music/Audio production:
[]CAD, CFD/FEA, Engineering Simulations:
[X]NAS/Web surfing:100% I will only be using this PC for general use web browsing and Forex trading. Computer will be running 24/7 and primarily running meta trader 4 and on
Percent time spent in each role:
SCREENS Select ONE [X]1080p60Hz []1080p144Hz []1440p60Hz []1440p144Hz []5760x1080-Triple Wide []4K 60Hz [X]I own []don't own this
I plan on having 4 screens total so need support for that.
[]I am willing to overclock my CPU
Can be very helpful for high refresh rate monitors (144Hz)
Many workstation programs benefit from it
[]Hot []Dusty/Pets [x]On 24/7 []Low noise [X]Normal
I have: Dell D3218HN
I need:
[]Mouse: []flawless sensor, grip: []palm []fingertip []claw []Keyboard: []mechanical []quiet []tenkeyless []backlighting []Headphones/speakers: []over ear []on ear []in ear []Isolation required
I need Windows[], version:
[]I have access to DreamSpark or a similar for cheapefree OS
[]I can connect to this computer with [] a cable or [] a Powerline adapter
[x]I need wireless
Please list any parts you own we could use, exact part numbers (especially for PSU's) or links are most appreciated:
Dell D3218HN
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Post and user flair suggestions for r/DayTrading

Hey day traders, looking to get suggestions on flairs. Currently our user flair is pretty basic, just beginner, intermediate, or advanced and we don't even verify this. And we don't have any post flairs right now, so this post is going to address those 2 things.
I am considering mod only user flair assignment, and even hiring some flair mods from the community to give out flairs when appropriate. Is that actually a good idea? Either way, I'll let users keep choosing their own flair even after I add the new flairs while having mod only assignable flairs for the best of both worlds.
For posts: Over at futurestrading I created a ton of post flairs with automod auto assigning them out, and users could still flair their own posts, plus a search by flair in the sidebar, and that worked out extremely well.
But here, I don't think we'll need such a broad spectrum of flairs based on futures, maybe just "futures" for all futures products, "forex" for all currency pairs, etc. So these are what I'm planing for post flairs:
As for user flairs I'm considering (since we can't discern or completely verify someone's skill level or gains, or have the time for that, none of the flairs will describe someone's skill level, except for them being a new member to the community and for the flairs rewarding someone's advice giving history):
mod only assignable flairs
user assignable flairs
What do you think? Feel free to suggest other flairs that I didn't cover or tell me which flairs are just downright bad.
Update added penny stock trader flair to this list, trade idea, trading screens, workstation; expanded user flairs for algo trader; also added "trades everything," "trades multiple markets," investor (if you want to be that guy in the wrong sub) and "not-a-day-trader" to cover everyone who doesn't day trade but does something else like invest/swing
I still don't know what to do if you trade more than one thing, I guess for now you would just pick the one you trade the most. I could expand algo trader to "algo stock trader" and so on and that's it, but to get all the combinations for the rest would be an insane list. I think cryptocurreny had a similar problem and then went with a bot that just picked a flair for you based on your comment history, I'm not going to do that. So I added a bunch of new user flairs to the list above that should satisfy everyone, if not, let me know.
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r/Daytrading - Select your new user flair! Also start using post flairs!

Going off my last post: Please select your new user flair. There's still an opportunity to suggest new flairs if you feel the available flairs don't describe what kind of day trader you are. Same goes for post flairs.
The post flairs are:
user assignable flairs:
mod only assignable flairs:
I will have automod assign post flairs based on keywords at a later time, for example, someone says "any crude futures traders here?" then the post will be auto assigned the flair "futures," but the user can change it afterwards if they want.
Ok thanks day traders for all the feedback in the last post!

update I just added flair search on the redesign:
update2 I did start the automod for post flairs, but it's not as clear cut for each flair, but if someone would like to suggest some patterns for specific post flairs, let me know:
title (regex): ["futures", "Treasuries", "Treasury", "ZT", "ZF", "ZN", "crude", "brent", "wti", "Natural gas", "Nat ?gas", LNG", "ES", "NQ", "YM", "indices", "B6H", "D6H", "J6H", "E6H", "A6H", "M6H", "M6H", "M6E"] set_flair: ["futures"] 
title (regex): ["stocks", "pattern day trading rules?"] set_flair: ["stocks"] 
title (regex): ["calls", "puts", "iron condor", "vertical spreads?"] set_flair: ["options"] 
title (regex): ["euro", "jpy", "eurusd"] set_flair: ["forex"] 
title (regex): ["bitcoin", "crypto"] set_flair: ["crypto"] 
title (regex): ["technical analysis", "TA", "macd", "moving averages", "bollinger bands", "rsi"] set_flair: ["strategy"] 
title (regex): ["algo", "algorithmic", "programming", "bots", "HFT"] set_flair: ["algo"] 
title (regex): ["my last trade"] set_flair: ["trade review"] 
title (regex): ["if I (buy|short)"] set_flair: ["trade idea"] 
title (regex): ["screenshot"] set_flair: ["trading screens"] 
title (regex): ["battlestation", "monitors?"] set_flair: ["workstations"] 
title: ["question", "help"] set_flair: ["question"] 
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Why can't I log out of the app? Or a unicorn has appeared.

I work at a large-ish forex trading company($FX) as a customer support representative. We place high value on customer care, so we don't have any calls per hour quotas to meet, which means we might sometimes get to sit on a call for an hour or two while we attempt to solve whatever issue the clients are facing. It's actually a pretty fun job.
This tale is from a few months ago, when I just started working there. A Tech Savvy Customer($TSC) calls in with an issue regarding one of our mobile trading apps, and I get to pick up the call.
I sign into my workstation, and about a minute after I turn the phone on, I get a call. "This is going to be a great day." I think and pick up the call.
$Me: "Welcome to $FX, can I have your account number?" $TSC: "It's 1111111. I have an issue with my mobile trading app. The app updated a couple of days ago, and ever since the update my account won't get logged unless if I kill the app through the task manager."
$Me: Now this might be interesting. I get a pen and paper ready to write down all the relevant information (Personal preference. I summarize everything after I end the call)
$Me: "OK, can you tell me the brand and OS version of your phone?"
Shockingly, he knows how to get the relevant details. This might be a unicorn.
$TSC: "S5 Edge, android 5.1" $Me: "Alright. Can you please describe the issue in detail?" $TSC: "Yeah: After logging off my account, I get to the login screen. So far so good. When I press the home button, I get the icon at the top showing that the app is running. If I open it, I'm logged into my account again. Same if I launch it through the main menu or the play store. I sent you guys an email a couple minutes ago with screenshots and a more detailed explanation, can you confirm you've received it?" $Me: Scribbling furiously " One moment please" Hold. I raise my head and ask around, "Hey guys, did one of you spot an email from $TSV's email address in the past half hour?" $Other reps: "Nope." $Me: Le sigh. Resume call "Thank you for holding, unfortunately we didn't get the email. Could you send it to [email protected]$" $TSC: "Yeah, give me a sec. I don't actually mind myself, but there are people who don't lock their phones or leave it with unsupervised children. Someone might get royally screwed over this." $Me: Ding "You're absolutely right sir. I just received your email. I'll forward it to our QA and technical teams to have a look." $TSC: "Cool, thanks." Hangs up $Me: Yeah, screw you too
So I look through the screenshots and explanation... I swear, the guy either used to work QA or is currently working as a QA. Damned thing looks more detailed than most professional bug reports I've seen.
So I start writing a ticket to our RND team, but I figure I'll also try and replicate the issue. I can't stress enough how much leeway we get when dealing with customers, and if something like this happens a rep may go missing for the rest of the day. I sign off the phone, and steal a few phones from my fellow reps, both iPhones and Androids. I got lucky with 2 phones that didn't have auto updates running, so they had an older version which didn't have the issue. But as soon as I updated it? Yup, not logging out.
I change the severity of the still unopened ticket to critical, and write a tl;dr in the ticket notes, along with the phone models and version numbers I replicated it on.
Ticket sent, and I get the level 2 tech that was assigned to it on the phone.
$Me: "Hey, so this issue was spotted by a client. I replicated it on 5 different devices. All get the same issue." $L2T: "Yeah, saw the ticket. You're CCed on any updates about this. You'll need to follow up on this with the client once it's done." $Me: "Really?" $L2T: "Yeah, the rep who catches the issue does all the follow ups until resolution." $Me: Sounds fun. $L2T: "Cheers"
A few days pass, and I finally get an update
Ticket closed. ask the customer to update his app
So I do just that. While waiting for him to puck up I check it on my own phone. Looks like it's fixed.
$TSC: "Hello?" $Me: "Hello, this is $Me from $FX. I'm following up on an issue you had with your mobile app?" $TSC: "Yeah, it's working fine. Thanks."
Awesome client. Made me feel utterly useless.
Moral of the story? Some customers use CS reps as a human ricketing system. This is one of maybe 3 cases where I didn't actually do anything at all.
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Want to build a Trading Computer for A$1000

Build Help/Ready:

What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Solely for trading stocks/shares/forex using NinjaTrader 8
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, FPS, game settings)
Eventually handle 6-8 monitors.
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Australia, NSW
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
Have been considering Workstations with Dual Xeons (X5660, e5 2670) and also 5th Gen i7's but unsure if I'm heading in the right direction?
Would a set up like this be powerful enough? Dual Xeon X5660 2.8Ghz (12 CPU Cores) 24GB RAM 256GB SSD Nvidia Quadro FX380 x3
Any help would be appreciated.
NOTE: You do not have to follow this format, but please be sure to answer these questions. Please do not ask to simply be given a build. You are welcome to delete this section.
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Haven't made a build since Ivy Bridge launch; looking for quality/reliability/aesthetics in my price point of $2100 CAD

Build Help/Ready:

Have you read the sidebar and rules? (Please do)
Yea bud
What is your intended use for this build? The more details the better.
Primarily a workstation for running charting software for trading CFDs and Forex. I also spend a few hours a week in Lightroom and Photoshop, occasionally might to some light video editing w/ Premiere. Gaming is about as important though.
If gaming, what kind of performance are you looking for? (Screen resolution, FPS, game settings)
I would mostly play CS and Rocket League but I will be looking to play whatever AAA titles come out this fall on 3440x1440 @100Hz I don't expect to max out every game at this UW2K resolution but having that resolution and refresh rate is important to me
What is your budget (ballpark is okay)?
$2100 CAD after taxes (13%) is pretty much my max. I may push $2200 if I feel it's worth it. I still have to spend a lot on new monitor, desk, and audio.
In what country are you purchasing your parts?
Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts please). Consider formatting your parts list. Don't ask to be spoonfed a build (read the rules!).
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor $355.93 @ Newegg Canada
CPU Cooler NZXT Kraken X61 106.1 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $186.43 @ Amazon Canada
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $248.58 @ Amazon Canada
Memory GeIL SUPER LUCE 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory $86.99 @ Newegg Canada
Storage Corsair Force LE 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $88.12 @ Amazon Canada
Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB FTW Gaming ACX 3.0 Video Card $689.28 @ Newegg Canada
Case NZXT H440 (White/Black) ATX Mid Tower Case $149.99
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply $118.63 @ NCIX
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit $141.23 @ NCIX
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2065.18
Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-08-05 21:51 EDT-0400
Provide any additional details you wish below.
Things I do not want changed: The case (it's been purchased already), this exact GPU I'm pretty set on unless you can convince me otherwise. I want the CPU cooler to be closed loop. I don't like the look of traditional air coolers.
Things I'm concerned about in terms of QC and reliability: Motherboard (they all seem like they have issues failing), CPU cooler
Please recommend anything that's more reliable or may suit my needs better. I'm very concerned about buying products that are DOA or die within a few months of purchase. I said in another thread "I'm terrified to buy something expensive that's going to fail on me after a month. I'm spending about $2200 CAD and for every part I pick it's like trying to find the dud in an ocean of landmines. My last build went so well, but when I read reviews on new parts it makes the buying process so stressful."
Thanks in advance!
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How To Set Up A Day Trading Workstation - YouTube Trader WorkStation: Forex Trader Trader Workstation MOST IMPORTANT SETTINGS - YouTube Short Video - TWS FXTrader - YouTube How I Trade Forex with InteractiveBrokers - YouTube How To Set Up a 6 Monitor Trade Station - YouTube Interactive Brokers Platform Tutorial for Day Trading 2020 ... My Trading Setup For Forex & Indices - YouTube Trader Workstation Tutorial - How to Trade Options in TWS ...

5 Forex- und CFD-Trading über die Trader Workstation: Orderarten, Funktionen und Echtzeitkurse im Detail; 6 Handeln über die Trader Workstation 4.0 ist ganz einfach – mit dem zugehörigen Handbuch; 7 Die TWS bei deutschen Brokern; 8 Kostenlose Trading Software für Anfänger und meine Erfahrungen. 8.1 Metatrader 4 und 5; 8.2 Tradersignal Online; 8.3 Ninjatrader; 8.4 Guidants Trading ... Interactive Brokers & Trader Workstation (TWS) Erfahrung, Test. Broker für Trading in Aktien, Forex, Futures, CFDs Hier klicken und mehr erfahren. FXFlat: Mit der Trader Workstation ermöglicht FXFlat Anlegern erstmals den vollen Zugriff auf den gesamten Kapitalmarkt: Ihnen stehen über eine Millionen Wertpapiere an über 100 Märkten zum Trading bereit und das mit nur einem Trader Workstation-Konto.. Die Trader Workstation ermöglicht es Kunden bei FXFlat die unterschiedlichsten Produkte, wie z.B. Aktien, Optionen, Futures, Devisen ... In der Trader Workstation haben Sie die Möglichkeit mehr als 100 Technische Indikatoren im Chart-Tool ChartTrader kostenlos zu verwenden. Trading Tools Unsere professionelle Handelsplattform . Die Handelsplattform basiert auf der Technologie von Interactive Brokers, einem der größten und zuverlässigsten Brokerhäuser weltweit. Sie bietet einen direkten und sicheren Zugang zu über 100 ... Die Trader Workstation (TWS), die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Trading Software, ermöglicht es Ihnen Aktien, CFDs und Forex professionell zu handeln Trading Workstation: Tipps zur professionellen Börsensoftware. Zuletzt aktualisiert & geprüft: 31.07.2020 . XTB . Konto ab: 0 € Kosten: A+; Min. Handels­summe: 0,01; Jetzt zum Testsieger XTB! CFD Service - 77% verlieren Geld. Mit der optimalen Wahl von Online-Broker, Chartsoftware und Tradingliteratur spart sich der Trader Zeit, Nerven und möglicherweise unnötige Kosten von mehreren ... Disclosure: Forex. There is a substantial risk of loss in foreign exchange trading. The settlement date of foreign exchange trades can vary due to time zone differences and bank holidays. When trading across foreign exchange markets, this may necessitate borrowing funds to settle foreign exchange trades. The interest rate on borrowed funds must ...

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How To Set Up A Day Trading Workstation - YouTube

FOREX TRADER: le matrici del Forex Il nostro esperto della piattaforma Trader WorkStation Davide Bergamaschi ha analizzato per te una funzionalità spesso non considerata ma che fornisce un aiuto ... I've been asked a couple of times about my trading setup for trading Forex and indices so I have finally got around to making a video on it. In this video I ... In this video I go over what I think are THE most important menu settings to be aware of in the trading platform Trader Workstation (TWS) by Interactive Brok... 🇺🇸Open an account with IB: 🇨🇦Interactive Brokers Canada: Get my FREE Trading Journal&Watchlist: Curious about my trades If you have questions 🤷‍♂️👨‍💻😉 ask them below! I respond to every question posted on my channel. You're 7 Steps away from Becomin... Setting up a day trading workstation can be confusing. In this video, Adrian Manz discusses how his 12 monitor rig is structured, and how to configure any si... Learn to trade options using quantitative methods - check out the Comprehensive Trading Course at A more complete walkthrough of opening a... See how easy it is to enter Forex orders and trade with IB. I use the regular TWS/trading workstation just like I do for my stock and ETF trades. This step b... The FXTrader combines quotes from 14 of the world’s largest interbank dealers and offers TWS users a dedicated and highly configurable forex trading resource...